Leadership Mistakes & History’s Worst Decisions – EP133

In this episode of The Produce Industry Podcast w/ Patrick Kelly we journey through two great books and reflect on leadership and some of history’s worst decisions. During this episode Patrick is going to bring you The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make, by Dr. Hans Finzel and a couple stories from Stephen Weir’s History’s Worst Decisions and The People Who Made Them. As you are starting to wrap up the year think about how you have impacted people and even yourself – what did you do to make a difference? 5 of the most common leadership failures are:

1. The Top-Down Attitude

2. Putting Paperwork Before Peoplework

3. The Absence of Affirmation

4. No Room For Mavericks

5. Dictatorship in Decision Making

Was Napolean wrong for invading Russia? Was it short-term thinking to test nuclear bombs off the coast lines of where future generations would live? The decisions we make today effect all of us in the future regardless if the outcome is good or bad…It still happened. One fact is known, where there is True there will be False, In the dark you will find the light, and success there is failure. Think to yourself that it is not being right or being the light or being the most successful. It it what you do with it afterwards!

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