Leadership Mistakes & History’s Worst Decisions, Part 2 – EP151

In this episode of The Produce Industry Podcastw/ Patrick Kelly we finish up the Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make by Dr. HANS FINZEL. In this segment we are going to cover all types of mistakes such as how to properly delegate, how to get rid of the communication chaos across your organization, discussing why corporate culture is so important, learning about your successors, and failure to focus on the future. Each of these elements of failure are pathways to success.

Be prepared as we give tips for on the road leaders and managers to help build and thrive in your business.

  • Dirty Delegation
  • Communication Chaos
  • Missing the Clues of Corporate Culture
  • Success without Successors
  • Failure to Focus on the Future

Join Patrick Kelly in the last episode of the Year as we reflect on leadership and how to be better than the previous day!

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