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The Produce Industry Podcast is the freshest weekly podcast in the produce industry. It has become a fantastic audio source for education, news and announcements for the produce industry around the world. The shows guests are each subject matter experts in their particular filed of the industry. The greatest minds in the produce industry are getting ready to make the appearance on the show including heads of the logistics organizations, Industry Trade Associations, Presidents and CEO’s of multi-national companies, Importers, Exporters, farmers and many more.

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John Paap

Host - The History of Fresh Produce

Jihoon Kim

Creative Director

Juanita Gaglio

Host - Global Fresh Series

Dan Avakian

Host - Fresh From the Field Fridays

Patrick Kelly

Host & Founder

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Reviews from Sponsors

John E. Paap
Mattie Fisher
Jeff Watkin
John E. Paap

The Produce Industry Podcast offers not only an avenue of exposure via their podcast episodes but also through sowing a rich community of fresh produce industry experts, specialists and enthusiasts that help move our industry into a new era of innovation and visibility. This is where the fresh produce industry in the 21st century needs to be and this is the platform where it’s happening

John E. Paap

Jac. Vandenberg, Inc.

Mattie Fisher

Our digital exposure within the produce industry hit an all-time high in 2022 through our podcast sponsorship, enabling us to reach target customers in ways we never experienced. The podcast offers a fresh, innovative perspective to content development, bolstered by Patrick’s enthusiastic spirit, delivering unique ways of connecting the entire supply chain.

Mattie Fisher

John Greene Logistics Companies (JGLC)

Jeff Watkin

Becoming a sponsor of the Produce Industry Podcast was a game changer for amplifying the Sev-Rend brand in the fresh produce industry. Not only did this give us more exposure to one of our main target markets, but also allowed us to penetrate other areas in the produce supply chain. The energy Patrick brings to the industry is something that was greatly needed in the fresh produce world. The best part: this is done in a format that is focused on building a community with a good amount of fun in the mix.

Jeff Watkin

Director of Marketing Sev-Rend

Rebecca Catlett

Okanagan Specialty Fruits (Arctic apples) is a proud sponsor of the Produce Industry Podcast. Because we are a vertically integrated company, we have product benefits to share with nearly every aspect of the supply chain, which can sometimes be challenging in terms of marketing. The Produce Industry Podcast is a unique medium in that its audience incorporates the entire produce industry, making it easy to share our story in one place to multiple audiences. We have appreciated the opportunity to have a consistent presence in front of the produce industry, increase our brand awareness, and build valuable relationships.

Rebecca Catlett

Director of Marketing & Communications