In this week’s episode of The Produce Industry Podcast w/Patrick, we have Mason Brady of Brady CFO. Prior to founding Brady CFO, a Fractional CFO firm in the food & ag industry, Mason was the CFO & Director of Supply Chain at Homegrown Organic Farms.

Mason brings over a decade of experience in the produce industry. Brady CFO serves produce industry businesses with less than $30 million in revenue and provides services that include: cash flow forecasting, capital (both credit and equity) capital raise support, and investment & acquisition analysis. 

In this episode, Patrick and Mason discuss the foundations for business financial success that are often overlooked by produce industry professionals. 


1.     About Me 

2.     Financial Tactic Success: Start with the basics. Why the basics? 

3.     How do we apply the basics? 

4.     Practical Example

5.     CTA

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