Of all the people that have ever lived, about 90% were hunter gatherers. These people were intimately connected with the wild, relying on a diverse array of plants for sustenance, possibly numbering in the hundreds or even thousands. Our ancestors thrived in a world rich in biodiversity. As the human species evolved and developed more advanced tools and technology, their bodies remained relatively the same but their eating habits changed. Trade, colonialism, globalization, wars have all contributed to a world that has seen much of its biodiversity disappear. 

Join John and Patrick, along with renowned food journalist and author Dan Saladino, as they explore the history of biodiversity. Together, they will unravel how humanity transitioned from consuming a vast array of plant species to a diet centered around only a few dozen varieties. What historical events shaped this evolution? What consequences does this trajectory hold for our future? And most importantly, why should we be deeply concerned about this shift?

“Eating to Extinction: The World’s Rarest Foods and Why We Need to Save Them” by Dan Saladino: https://www.booksaremagic.net/item/3Czr8TaWU98U46nCdbG9tg

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