In this week’s episode of the Global Fresh Series with Juanita Gaglio we are introduced to a dynamic organization bringing women in produce together from all corners of the globe!     Co- Founder, Julie Escobar of Global Women Fresh is going to take us on a tour of the organization.  Now in its fourth year.  Julie is a talented professional, with a background in Ag tech & Fin Tech.  She will tell us about the three tenets of this organization: empower, inspire and connect women at every level of the supply chain.

As part of the organization’s ongoing efforts to promote women in produce, she will tell us about the new partnership with two eminent leading professionals, Carmell Clark and Laura Dellinger, and advancing this goal through their executive virtual coaching techniques.  How does transformation happen at different career cycles for women?   Carmell and Laura deliver an insightful discussion on this subject and much more!  

In this month’s GLOBAL FRESH SERIES of The Produce Industry Podcast we travel across the GLOBE with our HOST, Juanita Gaglio! From Berlin to Hong Kong, Brussels to Cape Town, we are bringing you a series that will bring the supply chain together!!

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