Po Luca Molari of Italian berry breeder and nursery company Molari Societa Agricola Talks EasyRock and Easy Star 

In the week’s episode of the Global Fresh Series with host Juanita Gaglio we walk through an intergenerational family-owned berry farm in Cessena, Italy with Luca Molari.  Luca and his brother Matteo continue the proud tradition of specializing in berries that focus on plant quality and on the exclusive multiplication of club varieties.  

Two of these highly successful varieties are the new Easy Star and Easy Rock varieties.  Luca explains how the name depicts the ease of growing these varieties. Beyond raspberries, the company is presenting a new blueberry variety suitable to be cultivated in Italy.  It is a great story of how a family berry business evolved to compete on a level with larger multinational companies.  

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