Welcome to the future of farming with our podcast series, “Greenhouse Innovators.” Join us as we journey into the world of high-tech greenhouses, where groundbreaking innovations are transforming how we grow and produce food. Each episode features in-depth conversations with industry leaders, visionaries, and pioneers, including special guest Ruud van der Vliet, CEO of Van der Vliet and Van der Oost BV.

Discover Ruud’s inspiring journey from his humble beginnings working in a greenhouse as a student to becoming a champion of sustainable growing practices through advanced technology. Explore topics such as efficient climate control systems, automated cultivation techniques, and the latest advancements in greenhouse operations. Learn how these innovations are not only enhancing productivity but also shaping the future of agriculture.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional, an aspiring agritech enthusiast, or simply curious about the future of food production, “Greenhouse Innovators” offers valuable insights and inspiration for all. Tune in to uncover the intricate workings and exciting potential of high-tech greenhouses.