Today is the July 24, 2023 and  we are bringing you a BONUS EPISODE exploring the life and history of the “Food Explorer”, David Fairchild. But that’s not all! We have a very special guest joining us. National bestselling writer and professor of environmental science and policy at The Johns Hopkins University Mr. Daniel Stone will be walking us through the adventures of Fairchild.

Grab your spy gear and adventure hat. You are not going to want to miss this. of our new series  all about the global history of produce including fun facts and stories, when it all started, how it became commercialized and how when and why we do it. The origins of some food extend to the earliest human civilizations. Through the centuries, many of these foods shaped or altered the course of history. In the process, some of them took on a life of their own in religion, literature, the arts and popular culture. This is the history of of FRESH PRODUCE! 

Tune in and Tune On! 

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