Re-Living the spookiest part of 2020 and no were not just talking about covid-19. In this episode of The Produce Industry Podcast with Patrick Kelly we bring you some CELEBRITY GUESTS. Now these are not your traditional celebrities, I mean yes they are in movies, yes you will recognize them if you see in a crowd, but……not so sure how long you could be around them. 

All the way from Transylvania we have Dracula and Franksteins Monster and across the sands of time to the heart of Egypt we have The Mummy himself. We chat about all the different types of fruits and vegetables these characters eat. They also get a bit distracted on other things like blood and iron, but back on track talking about fruits and vegetables tonight. HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO EVERYONE AND PLEASE MAKE SURE IF YOU GET AN APPLE OR AN ORANGE IN YOUR BAG…. KEEP IT!!!!

Trenton Bennett – VOICE ACTOR

Website: ⁠⁠

Facebook: ⁠⁠

Twitter: @VoiceOfTrenton

Bio: A professionally trained Voice Actor, Trenton Bennett has recorded commercials, e-Learning, and online training.  He has performed audiobooks across a wide variety of genres, from popular fields such as Romance and Satire to niche areas of Hard Science Fiction and Inspirational.  He has received coaching from top names in the industry and is proud to also be the voice of the audiobook to ‘Rust’, a film and novel by Corbin Bernsen.

Trenton records and produces from his home studio in Florida, USA. Although his audiobook skills are in high demand, he also loves working in commercial and instructional videos.  Alongside native Brit Steve Atkins, he is the co-host of the Podcast “Classic Rock Battles: the Limey and the Yank.”

Trenton’s work can be found on Amazon, Audible, iTunes and more.  His website is ⁠

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